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RE: KBLC: Grammar


> You know, tlhingan-hol's grammar and sentence structure seem 
> pretty constant and easy to me.  Why are there so many 
> question's about it?  I thought the sentence structure was 
> pretty basic.

Just like any other langauge, basic Klingon sentences are pretty simple, but
there are some more complex constructions as well. Klingon grammar is on the
low end of the complexity scale when compared to natural languages like
English or German or even Spanish, but there is plenty of power in it for
rich and varied expression. The verb suffixes in particular can make for
some very complex constructoins.

I think the reason Klingon is difficult for people is that it is
*different*. Very different. When creating/recording the language, Marc
Okrand went out of his way *not* to do things the way most common natural
languages do them. Klingon still has, for the most part, the organic feel of
a natural language that evolved over many years out of a real group of
people, as opposed to the synthetic feel of a purely constructed language
like Lojban.  The strangeness, though, makes the language look like it
evolved out of a very alien group of people. It's also the reason many of us
like Klingon so much.

> Also, I think I remember your name isn't Pagh anymore.  What is it?

yIbIt'eghmoHQo'. pagh 'oHtaH pongwIj'e'.

Beginners' Grammarian

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