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Re: Hoch

nuja' Voragh:

> Okrand explained this in HolQeD 5.2.  {Hoch} *precedes* the noun it
>  If the noun following {Hoch} is explicitly plural, it means "all"; if it is
> singular, it means "each".
>  ...[chovnatlhmey law'qu' vInop]...
>   - rut yIHmey ghom Hoch
>  	 Everyone encounters tribbles occasionally. TKW
>   - nIn Hoch natlhlu'pu'
>  	 All the fuel has been consumed. KGT
>   - Hoch DuH yIqel
>  	 Consider every possibility! [KGT 108]
>   ...[chovnatlhmey law'qu' vInopqa']...

chutvam bIv wa' chovnatlhlIj: {nIn Hoch}. 


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