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Re: Hoch

Edy asks:
: Could you explain me the usage of {Hoch/HochHom} in sentences.
: {Hoch} follows the name, or the name follows the {Hoch}.
: HochHom lengwI'pu' HoH romuluSngan - The romulan killed the most part of travelers.
: Dujmeyvetlh Hoch DaSam'a' - Are you looking for all those ships?

Okrand explained this in HolQeD 5.2.  {Hoch} *precedes* the noun it modifies.  If the noun following {Hoch} is explicitly plural, it means "all"; if it is singular, it means "each".

: If you have more examples, they will be wellcome.

Hoch  "everyone, all (of), each, everything" (n.) 

 - la' jaq law' Hoch jaq puS
	 The commander is boldest of all. TKD
 - may' ngeb tIv Hoch
	 Everyone enjoys a mock battle. CK
 - Hoch vor Dargh wIb
	 Sour tea cures everything. CK
 - targhlIj yab tIn law' no'lIj Hoch yabDu' tIn puS
	 Your targ has a bigger brain than all your ancestors put together! PK
 - reH latlh qabDaq qul tuj law' Hoch tuj puS
	 The fire is always hotter on someone else's face. PK
 - Hoch DaSopbe'chugh batlh bIHeghbe'
	 Eat everything or you will die without honor. PK
 - vISeHmeH Hoch nuHmey Qay!
	 [Transfer] All weapons to my control. (Clipped?) ST5
 - qIbDaq SuvwI' SoH Dun law' Hoch Dun puS
	 You would be the greatest warrior in the galaxy. ST5
 - Hoch 'ebmey tIjon
	 Capture all opportunities. TKW
 - loghDaq Suvrupbogh SuvwI'pu' chaH Hoch SuvwI'pu''e'
	 In space, all warriors are cold warriors. TKW
 - DujDaj HubtaHvIS Hegh 'e' tul Hoch tlhIngan
	 To die defending his ship is the hope of every Klingon. TKW
 - Qu'Daj ta'taHvIS Hegh 'e' tul Hoch tlhIngan
	 To die in the line of duty is the hope of every Klingon.TKW
 - wo' toy'taHvIS Hegh 'e' tul Hoch tlhIngan
	 To die while serving the Empire is the hope of every Klingon.TKW
 - QI'tomerDaq Heghpu' Hoch
	 No one survived Khitomer ("Everyone died at Khitomer").TKW
 - wa' SuvwI' muHlu'DI', tuHchoH Hoch SuvwI'pu'
	 The execution of but one warrior brings shame to all.TKW
 - noH ghoblu'DI' yay quv law' Hoch quv puS
	 In war there is nothing more honorable than victory. TKW
 - rut yIHmey ghom Hoch
	 Everyone encounters tribbles occasionally. TKW
 - nIn Hoch natlhlu'pu'
	 All the fuel has been consumed. KGT
 - Hoch DuH yIqel
	 Consider every possibility! [KGT 108]
 - Hoch nuH yIqel!
	 Consider every weapon! KGT
 - Hoch nuH Daqel'a'
	 Did you consider every weapon? KGT
 - Hoch nuH wIqelpu'
	 We've considered every weapon. KGT
 - Hoch nuH qelbe'
	 He/she does not consider every weapon. KGT
 - Hoch jaghpu'Daj HoHpu'
	 He/she has killed all his/her enemies. KGT
 - Hoch jaghpu'Daj HoHbogh SuvwI' yIvup
	 "Pity the warrior who slays all his foes." KGT
 - tlhIngan yoH law' Hoch yoH puS
	 Klingons are the bravest of all. (slang) KGT
 - tlhIngan yoH HoS Hoch yoH puj
	 Klingons are the bravest of all (slang) KGT
 - DujvamDaq tlhIngan nuH tu'lu'bogh pov law' Hoch pov puS 
	 It [IKV Pagh] has the best weapons... S7
 - tlhIngan qorDu' pong potlh law' Hoch potlh puS
	 Above all, the Klingon family name is highly valued. S13
 - Hoch SeH
	 All rights (i.e. "everything"!) reserved. (SkyBox Copyright)
 - tlhIngan wo' yuQmey chovlu'chugh Qo'noS potlh law' Hoch potlh puS
	 The principal planet of the Klingon Empire, Qo'noS... S27
 - Hoch tlhIngan DujDaq So'wI' jomlu'
	 All Klingon vessels are equipped with a cloaking device... S33

OTOH {HochHom} "most, greater part (n.)" works differently, based on its single attestation in canon--it *follows* the noun it modifies, like a regular possessive N1-N2 phrase:

 - qItI'nga Duj tera' vatlh DISpoH cha'maH wej HochHom lo'lu'taH 
	 [The] K'Tinga-class remained in use for most of the 23rd century. S15

{vatlh DISpoH ... HochHom} "the century's greater part".  Here it works just like the TKD example {nuH pegh} "the weapon's secret, the secret of the weapon".  It seems that {Hoch} is the exception.

Actually, S15 has a possessive string of three nouns: {Duj ... vatlh DISpoH ... HochHom} "the ship's century's greater part".  I'll let pagh et al. discuss the grammar of this odd sentence in more detail.  

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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