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Re: Praxis (was Re: Dreaming in Klingon)

TPO wrote:

> >I think it's
> >one of those things we won't know for sure until MO says something.
> He has.  May 98, Praxis Con.

Speaking of Praxis, does anyone have the URL for that?  The one I have
doesn't work anymore and I can't find one that does.  And if any of you are
going and would like to get together for a qep that would be good because
it looks pretty certain that I won't be making it to Vegas. :(

And what does TPO mean?  I've always wondered.  :)


> A baby, altho not yet capable of language, presumably will someday.
> He gets -wI'.
> Your captain in a coma, (if you don't kill him out of honor) gets -wI'.
> The dead captain...
> When refering to his empty body, -wIj.
> When refering to his spirit, -wI'.
> >tlhIngan cha'DIch: ghobe'. HoDma' lom 'oH neH
> Here you found his body, an empty shell.  -maj
> >naDev HoDwI' mollu'
> >{My captain was buried here)
> Again you're refering to the empty shell is here.  -wIj
> Talking about your captain in sto-vo-kor, -wI'
> DloraH

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