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Re: KLBC: Two things....

ja' Michael Burrows <>:
>...but more importantly how wold I convey the idea of
>random ideas??

I'd call them {qechmey Sar}, "various ideas".

>could I just tag the type three suffix -Hey on the end of it
>to make it seem less defined? as an idea I mean....

{-Hey} doesn't make something less defined, it makes it less certain.
The word {qechHey} means "something that seems like an idea, but I'm
not sure that's what it really is".

>or would you just not
>bother with trying to make it so vague?

Klingons apparently wouldn't. :-)  There's a common saying:
"A Klingon may be inaccurate, but he is never approximate."

>my second question is has anyone heard of a tlhIngan technical manual?

I'm not aware of an official manual, but there is a poster displaying a
cutaway view of a {bI'rel tlharghDuj} "B'rel-Class Scout" having many
technical callouts and specifications, all given in tlhIngan Hol with
English translations.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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