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RE: Secret service

jatlh Edy:

> A friend of mine is writting a Star Trek novel and
> she asked me about the Klingon Secret Service which envolve
> Spionage, Inteligence, etc. I have some ideas in mind:

> De' tum (Information Agency)
> pegh tum (Secret Agency)
> pegh/De' 'obe' (Secret/Information group)

Here are a few words you've overlooked:

lInDab  - espionage (n)
ghoq    - spy (v)
ghoqwI' - spy (n)

Given the Klingon tendency call things what they are rather than use a more
pleasant euphamism, I would expect what we call an "Intelligence agency" to
be a <lInDab tum> or something similar to a Klingon.

Note also that the US "Secret Service" is an agency whose primary purpose is
to protect the president and other government officials. It is not involved
(much) in espionage. The Klingon name for such an organization would
probably be something based on <'avwI'> or <QanwI'>.

Beginners' Grammarian

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