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Re: KLBC: Two things... -Reply

: translation.... oh and another thing I thought about was that the qechmey
: were directed towards one person, wouldn't it be better to say
: qechmeylIj not qechmeylI' as I had thought previously or qechmeyraj
: which would denote more than one possessor?
: DaQ

If the "you" of "your ideas" is singular, use {-lIj}; if plural - "you guys, y'all", "all of you" - then use {-raj}.  Don't use {-lI'} or {-ra'}, which are only used if the *thing(s) possessed* is itself capable of speech (i.e. a person, of whatever species).  Thus: 
	{voragh, qechlIj vIparHa'} 			"Voragh, I like your idea"
	{voragh, qechmeylIj vIparHa'} 		"Voragh, I like your ideas"
	{DaQ pagh je, qechraj vIpar} 			"DaQ & pagh, I dislike your idea"
	{DaQ pagh je, qechmeyraj vIpar} 	"DaQ & pagh, I dislike your ideas"

	{voragh, puqlI' vImuSHa'}				"Voragh, I love your child"
	{DaQ pagh je, puqpu'ra' vImuS} 		"DaQ & pagh, I hate your children"

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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