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Re: Klingon pleasantries

: >>translation (Actually: "Return my honor")
: >That would be {quvwIj yIchegh}
: can {chegh} be used as a transitive?
: DloraH

No.  {chegh} seems to be a verb of motion: 

	ghorgh pa'wIjDaq jIchegh? 
	When can I return to my room? CK 
	DaH machegh. 
	[We're returning now.] ST6 (untranslated) 

	wa'leS jIchegh 
	Tomorrow I will return. KGT

For the transitive meaning, use {nobHa'} "give back, return" (cf. KGT glossary), which was used in:

	Huch nobHa'bogh verenganpu''e' yIvoqQo' 
	Don't trust Ferengi who give back money. TKW

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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