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Re: Klingon pleasantries

: ghItlh loD Doq:
: ><QaHraj qalaj> (Thank you) (Actually: "I accept your help")
: {qatlho'} "I thank you" - [This is listed as kad'lo in Omnipedia]

IIRC, Picard said this to Ambassador Kell in "Eye of the Beholder" (is that the correct title?).  As I recall, Kell just grunted in reply.  Perhaps he wasn't used to hearing people say "thank you".

: ><DuQuchmoHchugh> (Please) (Actually: "If it causes you to be happy")

Telling a Klingon to "be happy" somehow feels wrong.  Glen Proechel, remembering the line from Power Klingon:

	Do I please you? 

came up with *{Dubelchugh} "if you are pleased", but I think this should properly be *{DubelmoHchugh} "if it pleases you".  

However, the honorific suffix {-neS} is probably as close as real Klingons ever come to saying "please" -- if they are speaking to someone of superior rank and, always, if they feel like using it.  

	"There is but one suffix in this category. It is used to express 
	extreme politeness or deference. It is used only in addressing a 
	superior, someone of higher rank in the Klingon social, political, 
	or military hierarchy. It is never required."  (TKD p.43)

Since it's never required, Klingons won't expect to hear it so its omission wouldn't be noticed and - more importantly - give offence.  Yet another option is to use the verb {chaw'} "permit", with or without {-neS}.  Another example from PK:

	QaghwIj vIQIj 'e' yIchaw'neS. 
	Permit me to explain my mistake, your Honor. 

:   Lieven / Quvar muHwI'

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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