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Re: Klingon pleasantries

ghItlh loD Doq:
>I know that klingons usually get to the point when speaking. They usually
>will refrain from pleasantries. However, I tried to translate some just
>because I would like to use them. Here are the one's that I have so far:
I've been thinking about that too:

><qay'ha' 'oH> (You're welcome) (Actually: "It is not a problem")
Capitalize the "H"!
Keep it short: {qay'be'} "(it is) no problem"

><QaHraj qalaj> (Thank you) (Actually: "I accept your help")
{qatlho'} "I thank you" - [This is listed as kad'lo in Omnipedia]

><DuQuchmoHchugh> (Please) (Actually: "If it causes you to be happy")
Hm, yes, why not :-)

><bIchegh quvwIj> (Excuse/forgive me) Not a very good 
>translation (Actually: "Return my honor")
That would be {quvwIj yIchegh}
Klingon is a very short and direct language, just like you said. 
{jIQoS} "I am sorry"

><jItlhIj> (Sorry) (Actually: "I apologize")
Same. good.

  Lieven / Quvar muHwI'
  pa' qepHomwIj qelbogh De' DalaDlaH:

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