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Re: Reply to KIRNEH: Re: leng Hovmey joj: jav

(regarding "Humanganpu'")

>> Isn't "Humans" supposed to be "Humanpu'"?
>No-- in the novels and in at least one film (ST5), the -ngan suffix is
>used to denote racial origin (Vixis uses the term romuluSngan when
>describing the Romulan delegate on Nimbus 3). Therefore, since the films
>are canon, so is -ngan.
>I suspect "Human" is used for non-organic objects-- Human Empire, etc
>(recently replaced with tera'ngan).
>--da laffin tlhIngan :>

<ngan> is in fact a noun meaning "inhabitant, native" (TKD) and is found in
entries such as tlhIngan, romuluSngan, vulqangan. It is generally assumed
that the world name followed by the ngan implies "inhabitant of ...".
Vulcan's Klingon name is vulqan, and the n is clearly dropped when ngan is
added. Perhaps the same is true for tlhIngan...tlhIn?

At any rate, Human is the Klingon word for human, as TKD shows. Humangan
would be an inhabitant of Human.


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