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Re: Klingon in the News

ja' peHruS:
>I did not write or post ANY story about Theo, or any other creature attempting
>to get along in a world without certain inventions.  You have to be reading
>someone's story and referring to some response by me in regard to {beQwI'} in

nuqjatlh?  jImISbe'chu' jIH.  ngoD vIqawbogh vISovbej. 
'olqang'a' vay'?  lIjpu''a' peHruS?  QapHa''a' yabwIj'e'?

>Even the response "iron 'oSbe' {'uywI' beQwI'}.  yIloyqa'!" rings no
>bells.  Furthermore, I do not use punctuation, as those two sentences do.

Hu'tegh, SoH 'Iv jay' 'ej ghorgh peHruSna' Daquch?

>Please carefully check to see who actually wrote that message.  It was not

vInuDchu'ta'.  qonwI'Daj SoHba'.  jabbI'IDlIj 'oHbej.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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