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ja' pemla' [Re: Online Klingon Language Course]

Hey, Grunch Nit-wit!

peHruS's tlhingan Hol is "controversial", only to Y-O-U.
And that is a constant.  The problem is obviously, yours.
You're insanely jealous, and annoying about it!  petaQ!!!
Can you change?  Do you see yourself?  You're obvious!
(BTW ~ you don't need to be jealous, as you're quite a
well-accomplished tlhingan Hol speaker, yourself!)(Even with
your mistakes!) In person, you're a quiet, intellectual, lovable doll,
a husband, and a wonderful father. On the net, you're a super-judgemental,
offensive, "fire-breathing", little twit, wheeling around and spraying-out
a splatter of insults and "official warnings" and gracious endorsements, and
turning-off everybody!  Do you see?  False intellectual?  petaQ!
Why, you don't have the brain of a blood worm!! You,, you, you,....
I'm, personally, Qontinuing my studies of tlhingan Hol,
as well as my brand new project of helping to develop
your personality and cultivate a friendship with you!  To
all outward appearances, you seem alright!  I can't be
wrong.  Now,....what are your hobbies?  I like Contra
Dancing, and folk dance and clawhammer banjo playing.
I'll continue my "Alan Quest", off of the KLI list, so we
can be buddies, and have a really good time at the qep'a'!!
And I promise to send at least part of my emails to you,
in tlhingan Hol!!   HIq DaneH'a'?  HIq quj wineHbej!
Dujmeymaj DichijmeH nin QaQ wilo'niS!  If you were to have
even the slightest interest in learning to play clawhammer style banjo,
I would be your nurturing, banjo teacher, friend!  You even look
like a banjo player!  Maybe also, a possible Dobro player.  We'll
have to waft you and your wife off to a Philly Contra Dance with Will!!!
(In uniform!!)
Your ex-un-admirer/new friend,  pemla'
(And, I'll not bother the rest of the list with this drivel!) (Promise!)

Alan Anderson wrote:

> ja' peHruS:
> >batleH ghaj yaS  The officer has a bat'leth (sword of honor).
> >
> >batleH  =  sword of honor, the large curved sword seen in TV episodes (noun)
> The word is spelled {betleH}.
> >ghaj  =  has, possesses, owns (verb)
> Where did you find the "owns" meaning described?  It seems an unjustified
> expansion of the word's meaning.  Possession is generally represented by
> the noun-noun construction and by type 4 noun suffixes, not by verbs.
> >legh  =  sees (verb)
> >je'  =  buys, purchases (verb)
> And why do you use a different form of the verb than all of the official
> sources?  TKD says "see" and "buy, purchase".  Your rendition isn't quite
> incorrect, but it's jarringly unlike the way Okrand presents them.
> -- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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