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Re: Online Klingon Language Course wrote:
> maq peHruS:
> >ghaj  =  has, possesses, owns
> jang ghunchu'wI':
> >Where did you find the "owns" meaning described?  It seems an unjustified
> >expansion of the word's meaning.
> jIjang:
> >How so? My dictionary says that "own" means, "To have or possess as
> >property" (American Heritage Dictionary).
> jang ghunchu'wI':
> >Your dictionary explicitly points out the expansion of meaning that
> >I'm concerned about, with the phrase "as property" being an important
> >part of the definition of the English word "own".
> My dictionary also says that "possess" means, "To have as property; own."
> - DujHoD

When you "own" something you "possess" it.  But when you "possess" 
something you don't necessarily "own" it.  That is, "possess" has
multiple meanings one of which is "own", but it doesn't necessarily
have that meaning, and a word meaning "possess" in another language
from English might not carry the same set of meanings.  I think the 
point being made here is that there is no canon for interpretating 
<ghaj> to mean "possess (in the sense of own)", only "possess
(in the sense of have)".

(I just used <ghaj> to mean "own" in a recent post.  HIvqa' veqlargh!)


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