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Re: KLBC: calculate in Klingon

>The {-logh} method works nicely for short, whole numbers but how would you 
>something a bit more complicated?
>  324.56 x 9,288.3 = 3,014,610.648

jang DloraH:
>I say you do it the same way.
>HutSaD cha'vatlh chorghmaH chorgh vI' wejlogh  wejvatlh cha'maH loS vI'
>vaghmaH jav tIchel.
>We do it in english, you just don't realize it.

jIQochbe'. Except I would just put the numerals instead of writing out the 

9288.3logh 324.56 tIchel. 

- DujHoD

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