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A software product localized into tlhIngan-Hol :-)

Just thought I would share the news, I have gotten some good feedback on
this item. :-)

The product is a wizard for Microsoft Access 2000, and the wizard user
interface, download page, and readme are all localized into Klingon. You can
see the webpages at

At a future date, there may be an update to use KLIPiquaDmey as well as the
Romanized version (on the website), but for now it is really wonderful to
see people consider tlhIngan-Hol to be "just another language" (after they
do their first double-take that its there, I mean!).

After all the good feedback I have gotten (and the people who liked the
pointer to the KLI) I am going to possibly look into doing the whole web
site at a later date. All things considered, a really fun project!


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