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Online Klingon Language Course

I will be posting one (1) grammar point per week as an online Klingon
language course.  Warning:  This course will teach you how to read and
write Klingon using the Latin alphabet that Marc Okrand uses throughout
his writings.  You will notice that some letters are capitalized.
Follow this pattern!  This course will not teach you how to pronounce
Klingon.  Support Simon and Schuster, International (SSI); buy the
Conversational Klingon (CK) audio cassette and the Klingon Language
Laboratory (KCD) compact disc to learn proper pronunciation.  Buy the
Klingon Language Dictionary (TKD); it contains detailed descriptions of
the grammar, writen by Marc Okrand himself.  Support the Klingon
Language Institute (KLI); attend conferences and practice, practice,
practice with helpful and patient long-time speakers of the Empire's
glorious language!

Lesson 1  Basic Sentences

batleH ghaj yaS  The officer has a bat'leth (sword of honor).

batleH  =  sword of honor, the large curved sword seen in TV episodes
ghaj  =  has, possesses, owns (verb)
yaS  =  officer (noun)

Notice that the order of the words in a Klingon sentence are Object +
Verb + Subject.  That is, Klingons first state whom the action is
affecting, then the action (verb), and finally who is doing the action.

Klingon does not use Articles, i.e., a, an, the.

More words:

paq  =  book (noun)
legh  =  sees (verb)
je'  =  buys, purchases (verb)

Drill:  Make sentences of three words.  The Subject will always be yaS
officer in this lesson.

Qapla'.  I will post another lesson next week.


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