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Re: Star Trek : Klingon! CD-Rom Game observation

On Tue, 28 Dec 1999 09:13:38 EST wrote:

> pIj *KCD* vIQujpu'. reH munuQpu' vIDellaHbe'bogh vay'.

Anybody capable of using grammar of this sophistication should 
work a little harder on word order. Direct objects preceed 
verbs, even in relative clauses. Also, I suspect you wanted the 
verb {ghov} instead of {Del}.

> DaH jIyaj. narghDI' 
> romuluS HoHwI', "petaD" jatlh Pok vav. *Terran colloquialism* 'oH', qar'a' ? 
> ("Everybody freeze!"?). 

maQochbe'. ra'bogh wa' mu' ngaj neHba' Okrand 'ej mu'vam 
wIvlaw'. vIlajlaH 'ach vItIvbe'.

> I was reminded of a few Terran "gangster" movies, and thought of a couple of 
> lines that I thought would be humorous in a similar Klingon usage. What do 
> you make of these? 
> DungvaD peSIch ! (Everybody reach for the sky !)
> and my own favorite:
> Hewmey tIrur ! (Everybody make like statues !)

But we already have bIjeghbe'chugh vaj bIHegh!

batlh bIjeghchugh bISuvqa'be'ba'.
> I realize that a phrase like "Everyone, be frozen" could be interpreted as 
> "Do not move" in any civilization, but I was bored, and wanted to nitpick.

jIyaj. I don't agree that it would make sense in any 
civilization. "Become so cold as to turn your liquids solid!" 
seems like a very odd command. It would also take a long time to 
do this. I would have gone for a simple {yIvIHQo'!}
> juDmoS


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