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Re: Klingon WOTD: qarDaSngan (n) wrote:
> This is the Klingon Word Of The Day for Monday, December 27, 1999.
> Klingon word:   qarDaSngan
> Part of Speech: noun
> Definition:     Cardassian

tlhIHvaD qID Saja'.
= I will tell you all a joke.

qarDaSnganvaD jatlh tlhIngan: "Habqu' QuchlIj!"
= The Klingon says to the Cardassian, "Your forehead 
is very smooth!"

jang qarDaSngan, jatlh: "tera'ngan Quch Hab law' 
qarDaSngan Quch Hab puS."
= The Cardassian replies: "Terran foreheads are smoother 
(than Cardassian ones)."

Bwahahahahhaaaaaaaaa..... (Wasn't that funny? Now if only I 
could have found a way to work bugs <ghewmey> into that... =) )


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