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Re: Verbs of Motion

The verbs which Okrand claimed have a special relationship with their
objects in HolQeD Vol. 7 No. 4 are


These, Okrand says, act just like {jaH}.

He also lists several other verbs.  When asked about {bav}, Okrand says "You
don't need a {-Daq}.  Just use whatever it is that you are orbiting."  Does
this mean that it ISN'T one of these special verbs?

When subsequently asked about {Dech}, Okrand says "Same thing."  Does this
mean "Same as {bav}?"  In fact, there are several verbs which are the "same


Note that Okrand says you can say {pa'Daq vI'el}.  This suggests that {'el},
which is one of the "same" verbs, does this funky object thing too.  Thus,
all of the ones listed might.

It's unclear whether these two lists should be joined.  Personally, I hate
this part of the interview, for reasons which Captain Krankor brings up in
HolQeD Vol 8, No 1.  It breaks everything we thought we knew about Klingon.
I don't know about everyone else, but I am getting the distinct impression
that Okrand doesn't have a strong handle on Klingon (whoever claimed that he
does?), and simply cannot maintain consistency.

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I was recently trying to remember which verbs act like ghoS and jaH, and I
can only remember chegh and paw.  Are there any others (such that something
like X-Daq jI-Y means "I Y in the X" or X-(Daq) vI-Y means "I Y to the X")?


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