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Re: jatlh chargwI'...

Mark A Miles wrote:
>> > DaH DuSaQ'a'Daq jIHaD.
>>   Now, I study at a major school.
> I was trying for "University"... Any ideas?
: I understood <DuSaQ'a'> as "University" perfectly.  There is another
: word from KGT, namely, <'ampaS> which means "academy".

We have used {DuSaQ'a'} on this list for years to mean "college" or
"university", though the word has not been vetted by Okrand yet AFAIK,
though I'm fairly sure that he's seen it in various forums.  Okrand did
discuss the various types of Klingon schools in HolQeD 4.4:

  "The most general word for school (a place for learning) is {DuSaQ}.
   A specialized school, perhaps translatable as 'academy', is {'ampaS}.
   An organization dedicated to scholastic pursuits or research is a
   {yejHaD} 'institute' or 'institution' or a {yej'an} 'society'. The
   distinction between {yejHaD} and {yej'an} is not clear, though the
   former is usually--but not always--used for larger organizations."

The Klingon Language Institute is known as {tlhIngan Hol yejHaD}.  

: I imagine that Starfleet Academy is the equivalent of what we call
: a university.

Probably not.  Universities grant advanced, or graduate, degrees (M.A.,
Ph.D., Ll.D., M.D., M.Div., etc.) in a variety of humanistic and scientific
fields.  A university may contain several specialized graduate schools or
academies as well as the undergraduate college, though not all universities
have colleges and not all colleges are part of a university.  

A military academy - which is a type of college - grants undergraduate
Bachelor of Science degrees in one specialized area (military sciences)
though some of them do offer minors in other subjects, often engineering
related.  Their purpose is to train and indoctrinate military officers, not
educate scholars or academics.  They are not universities.

OTOH many militaries do have the equivalent of graduate schools - I say
equivalent because I don't know whether their "degrees" are recognized
anywhere outside the military.  In the U.S. these are called, ironically,
"war colleges," and are housed separately from the corresponding military
academy.  For example, the U.S. Naval War College is located in Newport,
Rhode Island, but the Naval Academy is in Annapolis, Maryland.

How any of this applies to Kronos is anyone's guess.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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