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jatlh chargwI'...

jatlh chargwI':

>   > jenwI' mupongnISqu' tlhInganpu'
>   "Klingons MUST call me {jenwI'}." I accept this, using the 

hmmm... I was trying for "Klingons should call me <jenwI'>"

>   > DaH "Edinburgh" yoSvo' Sum juHwIj.
>   "Now, my home is near Edinburgh."
Well it's not necessarily "near"... I was trying for My home is near
Edinburgh region (I was reading KGT, pp. 16-17) at this point. 

>   Okrand tells us this should be {yoSDaq} and not {yoSvo'}. You 
-Daq really confuses me... Is it/can it used in *all* circumstances?

>   > DaH DuSaQ'a'Daq jIHaD.
>   Now, I study at a major school.
I was trying for "University"... Any ideas?

>   *Tibet* vItlhabmoH 'e' vInID.
I get what you're saying about the type 7 suffix... Is it a good rule of
thumb that if I'm trying to say "I x (to) y" then I use <*y* 'e' *x*>?

>   > DaHjaj "Day of Honour" paq vIje'pu'. 
>   and also times when you had not purchased it yet. The main point 
>   here is that if you include {-pu'}, some people will cheer you 

I actually think I was wrong to put on <'pu>... To my mind now it infers
that I have *completed* buying it (as if it was on hire-purchase!).

*mutta'* tuq

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