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Re: KLBC: Dearest Love
> Is the suffix <na'> the closest you think we can get to dearest?
: The type 1 noun suffix {-oy} indicates endearment.  It's probably best
: to use it only in private, unless you know *exactly* what you're doing.

Hmm... I wonder.  Is one of the signs that the magic is over in a Klingon
relationship when your {bang} or {parmaqqay} slips and says your {bang
pong} in front of someone else?  If not done intentionally to provoke an
argument, at the very least it shows that s/he no longer cares enough to
take the trouble to observe all the niceties of romantic etiquette.

(OTOH provoking an argument could well be the point of such a "slip" - at
least for a male - as it may provoke the female to throw heavy objects at
you... and we know what *that* can lead to!  However if you're not careful
and annoy her too much, she could just as easily pull a knife on you.)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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