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RE: KLBC: Hol vI'lo 'e' vInID (Soch)

> 'urmang'a' qapum!
> I accuse you of high treason!
: However, this use of <pum> is not so good. <pum> is just "accuse", not
: "accuse of something". The object is clearly the person accused, and 
: there is really no place for the reason of the accusation. This might 
: be the place for <-mo'>:
:     'urmang'a'lIjmo' qapum.

Or the verb {'ur} "commit treason":

  bI'urpu'; qapum.
  bI'urpu'mo' qapum.
  bI'urpu' 'e' vIpum. (?)
  I accuse you of (having committed) treason.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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