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Re: KLBC: The Klingon Hamlet? (also WOTD)

On Sun, 19 Dec 1999 13:22:30 -0500 David Trimboli 
<> wrote:

> jatlh pagh:
> > Ah, the famous <SoH 'Iv?>. This and another example - <Dochvam nuq?> - are
> > two times when the usual rules don't hold and the question word looks like
> > it is actually acting like a pronoun. We really don't know exactly when
> > <nuq> and <'Iv> can do this, but if you're using them in a whole sentence
> > which already has a pronoun, then the question words just go in their
> normal
> > places.
> In a message by Okrand which I do not have in my mail folder, Okrand tells
> us that the questions words CAN act like pronouns (or at least, I assume
> that {nuq}, {nuqDaq}, and {'Iv} can).  Perhaps someone would be good enough
> to quote the message?
I'd be very surprised if {nuqDaq} could act like a pronoun. It 
acts like a locative. I agree on {nuq} and {'Iv}. I understand 
that both {SoH 'Iv?} and {'Iv SoH?} are valid sentences simply 
because {'Iv} can act as a pronoun. But {nuqDaq}? I don't think 
> SuStel
> Stardate 99966.5


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