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RE: nuqDaq 'oH <archive>'e'? (was How to unsubscribe)

In October, all the web pages, data files, programs, etc., that lived on the
server that the KLI uses (for free, BTW), were moved to a new machine.  As a
result, some of the things we all take for granted have not been working for
a short while.  One of these things is the archive (though the list,
thankfully, still works).  So, messages to the list haven't been added to
the archive since then.

It's a known problem, and will get resolved.  The administrator of the KLI's
server donates his time and equipment for us, and we must be grateful.  We
should not push him too hard.  We're very sorry for the inconvenience; these
things will get fixed with a little time.

d'Armond Speers
Requisite Technology
(303) 474-5643

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> Subject: nuqDaq 'oH <archive>'e'? (was How to unsubscribe)
> "William H. Martin" wrote:
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> > Also realize that many of the messages you are storing to
> > translate later are probably written badly and may be impossible
> > to translate. You will learn the difference after you have
> > worked with the language some.
> > 
> > charghwI'
> Incidentally, does anyone know where the current archive is?
> The one on /tlhIngan-Hol/ only goes to 
> October 1999.  I'd like to check the current posts on the
> web, because I don't seem to be receiving all of them.
> (I see replies to posts that I don't receive.)
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