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Re: Qo'noS system


I don't want to say it again that the others told you, only that it was 
everytime a great miracle, when the Enterprise were thrown out of our 
Galaxy. It was a great happening, when the Voyager were thrown to the 
other end of our Galaxy. They didn't know about the peoples that live on 
the other end of the wormhole. And it was a miracle to, when Cpt. Kirk 
headed (I mean the Enterprise) headed to the center of the Galaxy, to "God".
(I think it was the first time, you could saw on the ship an old naval 
ship's steering wheel, and on its basement was written: "To go there 
where no man has gone before!" - I think it was like this. I can't 
remember the words, only the meaning of the sentence, sorry.)
 Oh, I almost forgot. What had happened to the ST films' ends. At the end 
of the first couple movies there was a sentence, that was "continued" 
form movie to movie. But I didn't saw it at the end of the movies with 
Cpt. Picard. I loved that effect, when the E. jumped onto warp and I read 
the sentence.

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