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Simon & Schuster Star Trek Klingon

I am wondering if there is a transcript of the acting sequences of the game
portion of this CD ROM
package. It would have been nice if they had included a written transcript).
Robert "Gowron" O'Reilly uses many Klingon words such as Qa'Hom(sp) ("You
are as weak as a Qa'Hom!) and yintagh(again sp?) ("What kind of a yintagh
bar is this?")
Someone asked about Gowron's drink a few issues back.
It was a blue liquid that is deadly to the more delicate species, romulan,
human, and ferengi.
It burns the brain as well as the stomach.
I believe it is called necktie(sp). 
A suitable Klingon spelling might be neHtI however I leave that to the experts.
My question is how to spell the planet or planet system Torghn is in?
Sounds like Tan-qua-knek-qua so would it be TanqanIqa?
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