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Re: Nautical Directions/Navigation

At 05:52 PM 12/13/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Now, if this explanation doesn't satisfy you, would you mind 
>explaining why you are singularly sustaining the idea that you 
>can use {*nImbuS wej maghoS} and be speaking legitimate Klingon 
>according to all the rules of grammar that have been explained 
>to us? Are you trying to argue that in this case {nImbuS wej} is 
>one of those nouns that is mysteriously functioning as something 
>other than a direct object or a locative? If so, would you mind 
>explaining what its function is? I definitely don't see it and 
>could stand some illumination. I'm willing to confess that I've 
>been wrong if you can show me the grammatical explanation for 
>what {nImbuS wej} is doing, grammatically in the collection of 
>words that you would call a sentence: {*nImbuS wej maghoS}.

I'm not trying to argue anything, and as I SAID above, I likely just
subconsciously excepted it when I heard it in STV and had not thought about
it since.  If I'm wrong here then I'm wrong.  Can I get off the hook now



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