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Re: cardinal directions

Jeremy Silver wrote:

> One of my interests is Geology, it can be proven that at many times in Earth
> history the magnetic field of the Earth has flipped. Therefore there were
> times at which if compasses existed, they would have pointed the other way.
> The magnetic properties of Qo'noS could be vastly different, meaning any
> culture developing there would not be as "north" centric as we are. While we
> have 360 degrees, why would anyone else have the same number? While we
> conventionally zero this on due North, why would a culture with less interest
> in "north" do the same?

Granted. On Earth this occurs about once every 500,000
years, or so the geologic record tells us. Which is a very
long time compared to the life span of a culture or even a

But it is not a mere coincidence that our spin axis and our
magnetic poles are so closely related. The mechanisms appear
to be correlated.

If you look at the stars you can see that every night they
wheel around a fixed point. You can estimate your latitude
by measuring the angle that fixed point appears above your
horizon. That is why we are "north centric", it makes
navigation a heck of a lot easier.

Ben (DraQoS)

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