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RE: KLBC: Hol vI'lo 'e' vInID (vagh)

ja' pagh:

> > jeDbe'ba' qettlhupqoqra'.
> > Your so-called sauce is obviously not thick.
> > (How would I say, 'not thick enough'? 
> > I couldn't figure it out.)
> jatlhlaH'a' qettlhupqoqlIj? <-raj> yIlo'.

> Enough for what? In English, we throw the word "enough" around a lot, but
> we
> often don't ask or know the answer to that question. If you can't answer
> it,
> think again about what you really mean. If you can, use that answer to be
> more precise. For example:
> jeDbe'ba' qettlhupqoqraj. Ha'DIbaH tlhorghmoHchu'be'.
> jeDbe'ba' qettlhupqoqraj. muyonmoHbe'.
> jeDbe'ba' qettlhupqoqraj. QIv.
	What I'm trying to say is: it's not thick enough, it's not dense
enough, it's too thin.

> I'm also not exactly sure what you mean when you say <Hoch Hutlhlaw'>.
> It's
> grammatically fine, but I am having a hard time interpreting it.
	The idea I had in mind was: It lacks everything, there's nothing
good about it, If there's something that's needed to make good qettlhup, you
can be sure it's not in *this* batch.

	- tuv'el

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