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KLBC: Hol vI'lo 'e' vInID (vagh)

KLBC: Hol vI'lo 'e' vInID (vagh)

jeDbe'ba' qettlhupqoqra'.
Your so-called sauce is obviously not thick.
(How would I say, 'not thick enough'? I couldn't figure it out.)

Hoch Hutlhlaw' vaj chanDoq jeDHa' 'oHlaH neH.
It lacks everything, so it can only be a thin marinade.

chemuvqangbe'chugh rejoy'vIpbe'ba'.
We are not afraid to torture you if you won't join us.
We'd really enjoy it!

nIHbogh qama' Sutra' vItu'ta'!
I've found your clothing that the prisoner stole!

qama'ra' ghaH, qar'a'?
He was your prisoner, right?

tlhIch tu'lu'chugh qul tu'lu' je.
Where there is smoke, there is also fire.


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