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KLBC: tlhIngan Hol vIqeq vIneH

tlhIngan Hol vIlo' 'e' vIqeq vIneH.
= I would like to practise using tlhIngan Hol.
(Is "tlhIngan Hol vIqeq vIneH" alright here?) 

= I am pleased to introduce myself.

Star Trek vIparHa', 'ej tlhInganpu' vIparHa'qu'.
= I like Star Trek, and I especially like Klingons.

'ach wej tlhIngan Hol pong vIghaj.
= But I do not yet have a Klingon name.

DIvI' Hol pong 'oH <<David>> 'e'.
= My Federation standard language (i.e. English) 
name is David.

'ej Huch vISuqmeH, De'wI' jonwI' Qu' vIta'taH.
= And I am a computer engineer.  (I don't know
of any canon way to describe a career in Klingon.)

vaj, tlhIngan Hol vIjatlhtaHvIS, "De'vID"vad 
jIpong'egh vIneH.  pIj De'wI' vIghuntaH, 'ej 
vIDbogh De' Qobbogh De' ?joq? rur pongvam.
= So, I would like my Klingon name to be "De'vID".
I often work with computers, and this name
sounds like "belligerent, dangerous computer
data".  (Hmm... maybe like a computer virus?)
[Also in the above, is it ?joq? or ?qoj?, and
does it go between or after the -bogh clauses?]

ghunbogh SuvwI'na' pong 'oH pongvam 'e', qar'a'?
= Truly a warrior-programmer's name, isn't it?

pongvam ghaj'a' latlh?
= Anyone else with this name?

(I also want to ask, does it mean anything or have
any connotations, but I can't find the word for
"meaning".  I understand that the KLI's translation
of the Bible used "DavID", is that correct?)

I am here to learn, so feel free to slay my mistakes!

De'vID (for now)

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