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KLBC: Noun Suffixes with Numbers

Can I use noun suffixes with numbers functioning as nouns?

For example:

    wa'Hom vIlegh! I see a little one!

    law'ba' cha'qoq. The so-called two are obviously many. (could be used 
after the speaker was misled into thinking that there are two people 
somewhere when there are actually many)

    wa'vam Dalo' DaneH? Do you want to this one?

Type 2 suffixes probably wouldn't work, qar'a'?

I would assume that Type 5 suffixes would work, as in:

    pa'Daq 'oH wa''e'. One is in the room.

    wa'Daq jIboghpu'. I was born in one.

- DujHoD

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