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{-taHvIS} (Was: Re: vIwuqta'!)

QIn quljIbvaD vIngeHbogh vIqeltaHvIS jIghel:

quljIb vIja' vIneH: "If you follow it (your path) boldly, you will surely 
succeed!" Since it's the boldness that's in question, my inclination is to 
tack the {-chugh} on {jaq}:

DaghoStaHvIS bIjaqchugh, bIQapbej!

I have the impression, though, that this sort of thing is commonly done the 
other way round--closer to the English word order (in reverse, net Sov).

bIjaqtaHvIS DaghoSchugh, bIQapbej!



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