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Re: sign language

ja' pIl'o':
>I've always been curious concerning how to fingerspell the "Q", "H",
>"tlh", "ng".
>etc. if I ever had the opportunity to sign with someone who was interested in

I tend to use the "other" transcription when dealing with alphabets which
don't make an easy distinction between upper and lower case letters, such
as Morse code and fingerspelling.  That's the one where {q}="K", {Q}="Q",
{gh}="G", {ng}="F", {ch}="C", {tlh}="X", and everything else is represented
in uppercase.  (Sometimes I substitute "Z" for {'} as well, since it's not
used otherwise.)

>    Is there any canon-stuff on this? Has anyone discussed this issue before?

The only canon reference I know of regarding sign language and Klingons is
in the TNG episode "Loud as a Whisper."  Worf comments on Riva's use of
sign language as if he had never heard of the concept, saying that it would
be a very useful thing to have a silent method of communication in battle.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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