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choQaHmo' jIbelqu'

I guess there is no way jsut to say "thankyou" is there? or if there is it
probably isn't as straight forward :)

now this brings up an interesting questions.....
 Instead of writing  "choQaHmo' jIbelqu' "  I wanted to say somthing along
the lines of "You are helpfull" ..but, in looking up the word help  it
doesn't say  "help/be helpfull" how would one go about portraying

jatlh pagh:
> bI'IH 'e' vIQub - "You are beautiful. I think that" -OR- "I think you are
> beautiful."
> For more about SAO, see TKD 6.2.5
> pagh
> Beginners' Grammarian
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