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RE: help with name

jatlh malqa:

> I"m working on my persona and need some feedback
> The name I've choosed for my klingon grandmother,
> spelled in English (well sorta it's Hebrew or 
> Yiddish which I use as a base name) is Berucha.
> At first I wrote this as (and I'm using tlhIngan 
> Hol letters) b'ruqa. But I'm wondering if it should 
> be b'eruqa as the example was given or even beruqa 
> with no "'" after the b at all. Isn't B'Etor 
> or B'Elanna the terran version of b'etor or b'elanna ? 
> So, what your choice of name for my grandmother.

Klingon phonology doesn't allow consonant clusters like <b'r> or <b'> to
begin syllables. The <'> symbol in Klingon represents a glottal stop, like
the catch between "uh" and "oh" in "uh-oh", and it doesn't really make any
sense after a <b> anyway (~mark will probably be able to provide a
counterexample, but it will certainly be very strange, and won't come from
Klingon). Your best bet is just <ber>.

I believe the tlhIngan Hol spellings for B'Etor and B'Elanna are <be'etor>
and <belana>, respectively. Even if this is not correct (quite possible), I
am absolutely certain that neither starts with <b'>.

Based on your comments about Yiddish or Hebrew, I suspect the <ch> is
probably a Klingon <H> rather than a <q>. Also, I am guessing the stress is
on the second syllable (ru). If so, you could add a <'> after the <u> in the
Klingon, which would put the stress on the second syllable and make the
whole thing sould a little more Klingon. <beru'Ha> is probably what you

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