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Klingon phonetics..

I recently read Allan C. Wechslers interesting article on
klingon phonology again. (see HolQeD 1:1, p.3)

However there are a few things I wonder:

How should I transcribe the klingon {o} sound (using IPA)?
>From what I understand, the vowel sign to use should be
IPA's "180 degrees rotated c" (ie an "open-mid back rounded
vowel"). Is this correct?

Also according to Allan C. Wechsler:

  "The back vowels have a full off-glide, so that /u/ and
  /o/ are realized as (IPA) [uw] and [ow] respectively."

Is this really correct? Should I really transribe {rup} as
[ruwp] using IPA? (I haven't got my TKD with me, but I'm
quite sure that MO comments that there are no syllables
ending in {ow} and {uw} since they would be
indistinguishable from syllables ending with {o} or {u}
when spoken.)

I also would like to know whether {q} should be aspirated or
not (seems logical, all other [ie {p} and {t}] voiceless
stops are).

/Zrajm C

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