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Re: pongwIj

Regina wrote:

: I would like to translate my name in Klingon. Would "reghIna'" be  
: allright?

Your name is your name.  It's entirely up to you and no one will argue with
you.  There's a section in the FAQ on choosing a Klingon name.  Read it for
some ideas.

If you want to *transliterate* your name, {reghIna'} is fine.  Note that with
the final /'/ the name would be stressed on the last syllable, at least if you
pronounce it correctly: /re-ghI-NA'/.  You can leave the /'/ off if you want;
we've seen names ending in /a/.  E.g. {tlha'a} Klaa, {mara} Mara.

You might want to "Klingonize" the name a little, i.e. make it look more like a
name you would hear in a Trek episode.  Exx.: {reghIn} Regin/Reg'n, {rIghna'}
R'Gna, {rIghIn} R'Gin, {reghna'} Reg'Na, etc.  The last one is nice since
there's a verb {regh} "bleed" from Klingon for the Galactic Traveller:

  "Note that for a Klingon warrior, bleeding is an indication of a 
  particularly exhilarating battle, not a symbol of defeat." (KGT:192)

  cheDuQchugh mareghbe''a'
  Prick us, do we not bleed? TKW

OTOH, if you want to *translate* your name, you have another set of options. 
Regina is of course Latin for "queen".  We don't know the word for this in
Klingon, but we do have {ta'} and {voDleH}, both meaning "emperor" (we're not
sure of the difference).  It's possible that these also mean "empress", like
the other gender-neutral title {joH} "Lord, Lady" not to mention the military
ranks.  The KLI-sponsored Klingon Shakespeare Restoration Project (KSRP) has
used *{ta'be'} for "queen" (in Hamlet?).  To me, this sounds more like the
"emperor's woman" and could also mean one of his consorts or wives, not
necessarily a reigning queen or empress.

However, if you reverse the elements you come up with the very nice sounding
*{be'ta'} "woman emperor", which could be transcribed B'Eta in the Paramount
system.  I really like this because we already know of two other similar female
Klingon names in Trek: B'Etor {be'etor} and B'Elanna.

I'm sure you'll hear other suggestions.  Take your time and consider all the
options before you choose.

And before you ask, my name doesn't mean anything in Klingon.  I just liked the
sound of it and it's similar to other Klingon names we've heard in Trek.  (In
fact, had I wanted to translate my surname, I'd have had to use {chechwI'}!)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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