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Re: KLBC: ghov/qaw


>> > interesting and helpful features, too. If you don't trust your ability
>> > speak English at all, see
>> > tm for a list of corrections of the mistakes in the Klingon-German
>> > dictionary-qoq.
>> >
>> > HovqIj
>> >
>> I get a "File Not found" error when I try to access this page.
>> the same for the klingon directory, and I get a "Forbidden"
>> error when trying to access the levinius directory directly...
>>                                            Marc Ruehlaender
>I also did not have any success in searching those pages.
>## CrossPoint v3.11 ##

Hmmm... seems like that homepage no longer exists.   yIvoq 'ach yI'ol.

I have the files saved on my hard disk, though. If you want to take a look
at them, I can send them to you by private e-mail.


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