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RE: adverb suffixes???

jatlh Clayton Cardoso:

> I think I used too few examples to express what I
> intended. Here are more:
> nItebchoH veng.

As has been pointed out, this sentence lacks a verb. It has also been
pointed out that <teb> is a verb, so this could mean "The cities begin
filling you", but that would be just way too strange.

Those comments aside, <nItebchoH> is pretty weird. Perhaps you mean a guard
was standing at his post with another guard and the other guard left,
leaving the first one standing alone.

yaHDajDaq Qam wa' 'avwI'. tlhej latlh 'avwI'. ghIq mej latlh 'avwI'. mobchoH
'avwI' wa'DIch. nIteb Qam 'avwI' wa'DIch.

Is that what you mean? 

> qenba' jImej.

What's wrong with <qen jImejba'>? How is it different?

> nomqu' pum.
> QItqu' yIt.

OK, I admit it. I *like* the idea of <-qu'> on many of the adverbials,
especially <nom> and <QIt>. Unfortunately, liking the idea does not make it
valid. I wouldn't complian if you used <nomqu'> in conversation (and I might
not even notice), but while I'm the BG answering grammar questions, this is
strictly a no no.

Beginners' Grammarian

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