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Re: qISmaS

jatlh charghwI':
>I imagine a group of Klingons in a bar. One stands and 
>says an equivalent to "Peace on Earth! Good will to men!" 
>Everyone falls silent. They stare at their friend who still 
>stands silently, looking to his mug held high. He glances around 
>at his friends, no longer able to contain himself. His grin 
>widens and he nearly collapses, laughing. His friends all join 
>in, clapping him on the back, howling, spilling brew and, 
>depending on whether or not you believe Klingons have tear 
>ducts, they wipe tears of mirth from their eyes as they slowly 
>catch their breaths.

Or rather, "Peace on Qo'noS."

- DujHoD

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