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Re: Translating the word "Klingon" into other languages?

Michael Kaplan wrote:
> In English its "Klingon" and then in the warrior's tongue its 
> "tlhIngan-Hol".  
> Do any of the (non-English) folks on this list have any conventions 
> for whether or not to translate it to other languages? I am tempted 
> to keep it tlhIngan-Hol in all langs, truth be told.
> michka

Since I am a native German speaker I feel responsible for giving the 
German terms for <Klingon>

tlhIngan     *Klingone*
tlhIngan Hol *Klingonisch*

*Austriangan jIH. *German/Austria Hol vIjatlhtaHvIS, *Klingonisch
<tlhIngan Hol> mu' 'ej *Klingone rurchu' <tlhIngan> mu'.

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