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Re: The Klingon Year (was:Re: Qo'noS)

On Mon, 6 Dec 1999 10:50:30 -0500 (EST) david joslyn 
<> wrote:

> ja'lI' Tomas Oeste:
> >How do we know how long the Klingon year is? 
> jIja'lI' quljIb:
> >My estimate on the length of the Klingon year <DIS> cames from information
> >provided by the Klingon Bird of Prey poster. Here's the relevent info:
> [snip]
> ja' ~mark:
> > Why need it have to do with a <DIS>?  We could go back to deriving Klingon
> > angle measurements; after all, here on Earth we measure astronomical
> > distances in parsecs, which are seconds of parallax, related to the
> > angle-measure of one second.  A parsec is about 3.26 light years, and IS
> > actually used as a distance measurement.  Now set that assumption churning
> > and you can easily work out completely reliable figures for Klingon angle
> > measures and the radius of its orbit.  Amazing what you can get from a few
> > sentences, isn't it?
> SoH Sov law' jIH Sov puS, 'ej matlh Sov law'qu' maH Hoch Sov puSqu'.

"You are knower than I am."? "and Maltz is very much knower than 
us all."?
> quljIb


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