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Re: SengwIj

muja' charghwI':

> jIltheD vIneHbe'. chora'laHbe'. choyajlaHbe'law'.

My exchanges with charghwI' typically exhibit about as much mutual 
understanding as "Who's on First?" in the original Klingon, but I do see 
the problem here:


>> ghunchu'wI' charghwI' je tIqIm!

ja'pu' charghwI':

> chorI'law'.

In my head, {tIqIm!} was saying, "(you, i.e., nuvnov) pay attention to 
(them, i.e., ghunchu'wI' charghwI' je)! jIbachHa'law'pu', vaj HIvqa' 
veqlargh! I know about chaos theory--small changes in initial conditions 
and all that--but really, charghwI', did one small grammatical error throw 
you off to such an extent that you thought I was giving you and ghunchu'wI' 
unsolicited advice about marriage and changing your places of residence? 


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