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Re: KLBC: bang

jatlh Regina:
>mu' "ghel" vISovbe'.

<<qIb lengwI'vaD tlhIngan Hol>>Daq tu'lu'. paqvam Daghaj, qar'a'? "ask (a 
question)" raptaH <<ghel>>.

jatlh Regina:
>Can I use "bang" also as a verb? well, per example vIbang?

>ghelta'ghach jang *pagh, 'ach SoHvaD jIghel vIneH: qatlh wot 'oHtaH
><<bang>>'e' 'e' DaQub?

jatlh Regina:
>vISovbe', chaq wot 'oHtaH "bang" vIQubpu'. jIlughbe''a'?

Sorry, I'm not sure exactly what you're asking. Do you want a translation of 
my message? Here it is:

pagh will answer your question, but I want to ask you a question: why do you 
think that {bang} is a verb?

- DujHoD

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