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Re: Pure Speculation: Measurements on a Klingon "Compass Rose"

On 5 Dec 1999, Mark E. Shoulson wrote:

> >Having no better way to spend my time, I did the math. Assuming an orbital
> >period of approximately 1.25 Terran solar years and a daily rotation
> >period of approximately 20 standard Terran hours, the Klingon year <DIS>
> >works out to about 546 local days <jajmey>. This neatly divides into 3
> >"seasons" of 182 days or 6 "seasons" of 91 days each. 
> A little TOO neat..

Yes, well I don't know how long a <Qo'noS jaj> really is. For all I know
I'm way off.
> >=========
> >540 seems a round enough number to use in circular measurement (our own year 
> >is fairly close to 360 days--about one degree/day), and I seem to recall the 
> >Cardassians use this number in circular measure, as well. [snip]
> Interesting, but really reaching.  Okrand might like it for all I know,
> though. [snip]  The Cardassians probably use it because the writers of
> Star Trek are human (or for a more primary-world explanation, the
> Universal Translator does unit conversions for us too.  So we can hear
> them using metric units as well.

Arcoding to the DS9 Technical Manual, the Cardasians use at least three
major systems of linear measure. One of them, the <korshinic> system, is
used by the Terak Nor computers to identify areas of the station. You may
be right about the UT converting to meters, though.
> >As to how the direction {'ev} and {tIng} came about, I don't know, though I 
> >have a theory: If Qo'noS has an axial tilt of c. 45+ degrees (Terran), then 
> >{'ev} and {tIng} are the directions of a noontime shadow on the summer and 
> >winter solstices, respectively.
> Or it could be mountain ranges from veng wa'DIch... The point is you can't
> deduce with any certainty from three lousy directions.

Well, we could always ask Maltz! :P

> I suppose it's fun to speculate though.

Oh , Hells, yes!


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