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Re: adverb suffixes???

On Thu, 2 Dec 1999 16:40:18 EST wrote:

> jatlh charghwI':
> >I could also see a strange use of {pa'Ha'}, as in:
> >
> >1: Qanqor wISamlaHbe'. Dat wInejpu'!
> >   [We can't find Krankor. We've looked for him everywhere!]
> >
> >2: tachDaq bonej'a'?
> >   [Did you look for him in the bar?]
> >
> >1: toH! pa'Ha' wInejpu'!
> >   [Argh! We've looked for him everywhere else!]
> Couldn't the last sentence be changed to:
> toH! pa''e' neH wInejbe'pu'.
> Direct translation: Argh! There is the only place we haven't looked for him.

In this case {pa'} is an adverbial, not a noun and cannot take 
{-'e'} unless you want to say "the room" instead of "there". You 
also can't use {neH} as an adverbial to modify {pa'} as an 

It is odd that he chose to make {pa'} an adverbial, but {naDev} 
a noun, but hey, I didn't write this language...
> - DujHoD


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