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Re: KLBC: ghov/qaw

If we are to accept cultural stereotypes, the German people have 
a long reputation for having a special appreciation for 
precision and accuracy. It is perversely ironic that the German 
version of the Klingon Dictionary should be so inaccurate. 
Surely, the translation was done by someone who wasn't German.

On Thu, 02 Dec 1999 11:40:08 CST Marc Ruehlaender 
<> wrote:

> In message <> Regina Reusser writes:
> > In my dictionary there are two klingon words for "remember": "ghov" and  
> > "qaw". What's the difference?
> > 
> curses on the goddamned German Klingon Dictionary!
> {ghov} is "recognize" "erkennen" NOT "erinnern" "remember"
> the number of mistranslations in this book render it
> practically useless as a dictionary. try to get hold of
> the English version. 
>                                            Marc Ruehlaender
>                                            aka HomDoq


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